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400 word essay of my classmates

400 word essay of my classmates

My students, my classmates was a naughty funny female students, she was very interesting, and my classmates are also very deep friendship, but there is one thing we rarely get to speak 2 people.

The thing my sister bought a stationery, my classmates liked her, but my sister did not like her, so she said a few words, she got angry and said nothing, and I played it, but I think it should be angry about nothing, but then I never expected her to say a word, I hate you, really I cried, cried for a long long time. I can not sleep.

Long long long time and why I can not forget my friends like it when my friend is a what? I wind up you, I want to cry a good cry is really good, I can not control. I really can not control, and why she would like to do so, I once asked her, why do not you do in me, but she hates me once, then I regret it, I did not face, and why I let her do what my good sister, why does she be so mean it, alas, I was too silly, alas, but I often call her, but her. After some time my sister would make me forget the good friends, but we do not say how officials have done a long time good friend, how could it say no play is not play, do not know how, one day she and I say a word, as if Hello, no, and I did not mean it really, I stayed in this place I really spent, not that she wanted to see I was not intentionally do not want to play with her of it, I also answered a; Hello little, we laughed together, but I did not say nothing, because I want to cry, my friend back, but if she does go back tomorrow She and I have not played it, alas, is it now the time to cherish the right.

She described the day I play with her, I agreed, on the road I did not say a word, but my heart is glad, and we two people laugh, said with us, you speak, or do you Well, we have 2 people laughed, smile on, but why did she and I played it, but Im glad, haha, my good voice is back yo, cc cc, I really very happy yo, you can laugh with you and I thank you yo. But the day after tomorrow I will come to an article in the yo, you can support me I was 11 at the age of articles yo cc.

Essay evaluation: the students write an essay of this length is not long, only a handful of 400 words, but between me and the feelings of the students, wrote very exciting happens, is a good about my writing students.

This article from junior high school essay , I would like to express composition

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