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600 word essay of my grandfather

600 word essay of my grandfather

I spent a lot of favorite people, my parents, brother, sister, brother, sister, but my favorite is my grandfather.

My grandfather was an amiable old man, this year has been sixty five years old. His high bridge of the nose, broad forehead, or that the most lovely smile on the microphone into a crack in the eye. Even though he has a sixty-year-old, the body is still pretty good, never too serious illness, there is no three-high, only one or two colds a year. Why ask his body so well, because my grandfather went about four oclock every morning to exercise, of course, good body. My grandfather is very humorous, resembles a modern version of the “old naughty boy.” Particularly helpful to my grandfather, but also raise small animals love. Below I will first talk about how helpful he was.

My home is Yukino, last year in my hometown at the annual International Air Festival. My grandfather just to return home. Back home, my grandfather first Long time no see old friend – Xueye Reservoir, which is Xueye Lake play. Arrived in the lake, far to see a foreigner in the transmission repair a bicycle. I just go the other way, my grandfather said to me: “Go and see how the foreigner.” I said: “Why go to him Yeah, we went to play it somewhere else, do not look out.” Grandfather said: ” We are the masters of the aviation section, to enthusiastic treatment to visitors, especially when they encounter difficulties can not stand. “So, I and my grandfather would walk toward the foreigners who. A foreigner who originally speed bicycle chain is broken. Grandpa let me ask him what country? Will Chinese? So, I said something in English: “Where are you from? Will not Chinese?” I said, head down the foreigner then said: “Im American. Will be Chinese.” I put them to tell Grandpa Grandpa then said: “You let a let, let me see if I can fix you.” Thus, foreigners stand to the side, so my grandfather to be repaired. Then I whispered to the grandfather said: “Do not help the foreigner repair, repair bad we can not pay.” Grandfather said: “Again, we are the masters of the aviation section, to enthusiastic treatment to visitors, especially can not stand when they encounter difficulties. “So I will not say anything. Ten minutes later, Grandpa finally got the bike repaired. Foreigners are very pleased to say: “thank you very much, and I came here to watch the aviation section across the sea, did not expect to face such trouble, thank you to help me, you really a good person.” Talking out of a hundred foreigners dollars to the table thanks. I whispered: “A hundred dollars is equivalent to six hundred yuan Yeah, and your retirement income is almost half a month, you will carry it with me.” I did not think my grandfather said: “We Chinese Confucius once said: There are friends from afar. this small should not be welcome, not worth it thank. “This is my grandfather and helpful.

I was still very young to remember my grandfather very much like small animals, whether cats are ah ah like to keep the dog. I am the second grade, when my grandfather came from the other families hold less than a month of a kitten. Grandpa and I are very like it, play it every day, cute little cat bird feeding. One day I found cat food or drink, alone, curled up under the table, do not call it science, to the dinner, fed not eat. So Grandpa to bring it to the pet hospital, and gave it back a lot of drugs, not only the patient every day Grandpa drench it back to its feeding. Grandpa and the patient under the care of my kitten gradually Well, Grandpa was very pleased.

I love my helpful, loving grandfather raising small animals!

This article from junior high school essay , I would like to express composition

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