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Advantages and disadvantages of tourism development

Advantages and disadvantages of tourism development Specific historical background and unique geographical location, and doomed the brilliant tourist city of Phoenix. You see, from the mountains of Yunnan Plateau mesa black Snake River Prince Seouls mother river – the Tuo River, it is still clear that ease the difficult situation of the wise men of style and open-minded attitude Rain or shine, as the Phoenix source of human life and slowly flowing; east The Qinglongshan (Octagon), south of South Mountain, west of Phoenix Mountain, north slope Xue-Ping, still to them that contains the benevolent compassion mind and spirit heroes city of Phoenix, Central hold … … Perhaps, it is Silk Magic Mountain this side, the achievements of the Shen, Huang Yong Yu and other generation master; perhaps, is this a magical Silk Mountain, created Showtime Phoenix tourism development … … Every May Day holiday, National Day holiday … … together with thousands of visitors meet in the ancient city of Phoenix, from the Richmond Plaza, Shen House, alleyways, etc., turns out to be crowds, Square, Tuo edge, put row after row of folk art, so that foreigners who can not help but clap wow … … Showtime Phoenix tourism development has also led to the development of the Phoenix Showtime specialty, every street in every city, Lane, you can see the ginger candy store, if youre lucky, you can also witness the manufacturing process of ginger candy. Of course, ginger tea, duck blood cake, bacon, etc., which are each visitor to leave the ancient city of Phoenix will bring the goods, which also makes a specialty of the Phoenix to better development and dissemination, and thus contributed to the economy of Phoenix development. In order to facilitate visitors to address the visitors to the “stay” problem, in the suburbs, a seat hotel building erected, to the ancient city of Phoenix has added a beautiful landscape road, around the visitors opened the pregnant, the people of Phoenix are also Le opened the pregnant … … However, behind the music also has unpleasant side, with the increase of tourist vehicles, the original road is really packed small cars, especially the 209 national highway, there is really endless traffic jam, this brought a lot of people out of the bus inconvenience. But that made me think deeply about the “sale” issue. Last summer, several students and I prepared to buy some at the edge of folk art Tuojiang give each other, those small packets of folk art, jewelry, various types of sachet, everything. I readily took one embroidered with “phoenix city” of the parcel, asked about the price, that is 20 yuan, while we were still appreciate the other packets, the man who took a small bag that I just lay down and asked the the prices of 35 yuan. I am a bit puzzled by the presence of – why the same price of a packet to be sold to tourists when high? I think: This question is not should go to investigate? A few days later, we are asked in many small shops, only to find that a common problem – the same price when the goods sold to tourists is higher. I think this is a question worth pondering. Ancient city of Phoenix is a long history and culture of the city, that is because the local peoples honest, warm hospitality is famous far and wide, and now in social development, the lure of money in every possible way, many honest folks day in the “refine” how to earn more money, so also used this “method.” There is also a problem worthy of attention – environmental issues. If youre observant, you will find South Mountain “shrunk”, todays South Mountain, foot and mountain, the Peak all have layers of garbage, “dotted”; If you have refined taste in the Tuo River in the edge of night walk, you will see flashing lanterns floating in the Tuo river. (By colored paper lanterns, folding, set a few candles from the top again and again) this is added to the ancient city of Phoenix, “wrinkles” to speed her to “old age.” “Time is money”, but “money” has not lead to “time”; but with “honest” and morals can be exchanged for “money”; but the “money” is to buy back “simple” folk customs. Police Zhong Daming, Phoenix in the development of tourism at the same time, do not forget to keep “honest,” the folk, do not forget to maintain the beautiful natural scenery, ancient city of Phoenix is always so well-known far and wide! More big strides last wish Phoenix tourism development, so that more people around the world to experience the ancient city of Phoenix is perfect!

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