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Composition picnic

Composition picnic

Xue-Nong next day, we had a picnic activities.

Before departure, we divided the group, seven pairs, I, Huang Jie who Songhao Ping, Chen Qi, Xie Hongjie, Chen Jiaqi Sun Tian and a group leader, my task is to wash rice and vegetables to take with me is Song Haoping.

Started wash rice, and I m back in the bowl first, and then tap open, the meter on the pool, “cold ah!” I stretched

The extension said. Im scouring the rice over and over again, again and again, and finally finished, I immediately catch the large forces!

Sun Tian has been there to lay out the water, collecting firewood, Chen Qi, Xie Hongjie has come, worse Huang Jies pot, “come!” Oh Tao Huang Jie one answered. “Well, now assigned to work!” Chen Jiaqi cried. Oh, this kid really have the captain of the posture, I thought. “The teacher called Sun Tian fire, small Xie and Chen Qi Qu Shi small bamboo, Dominic Lam, and” fried “rice stir PICKLES, I do – being all right!” He said cheerfully. “Cut -” We answered Oh Road.

Really everything, all things to all road, what has the teacher given birth to the fire to remind us to keep a close time, 20 minutes to fire, and to revert to him. “Fire, fire” we cried. Shout at the captain, and he skillfully took the wood inside plug, when stuffed into fire Want stopped, the greater the fire burn more, more prosperous, we praise with joy: “Ah, ah captain is strong!” his shy smile.

20 minutes later, pot crackling sound from time to time, but also emitting a burst of fragrance. “Incense and ah.” I said. They also say “Yes ah, delicious.” We sweat dripping down, when the fire is too large, opium filled the air, Im sucked into a few cigarette, a burning sensation! Tears choked out! Then the teacher came, put out the fire, told us to stew for 15 minutes, “One minute” said the captain. Us shouting: “60 ,……, 0!” “Oh! -” We shouted: “eat!” “Oh, delicious!” “Yes, ah!” “Make their own meals is a good eat! “members who rushes to the discussion! I feel it burning good meal! Students, you scoop my bowl of tiger swallow hard to swallow! Some with the clutch; some big chunks; Others said as he ate fragrant! Finished his other group went to eat, we are all very happy!

This picnic is not only cross-fire filled the air, but also filled with laughter, I work, Im happy, laughing down the road in this small rural production!

This article from junior high school essay , I would like to express composition

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