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Essay description of the sunrise

Essay description of the sunrise

Silence enveloped the boundless earth, I am surprised that share the simple elegance; before touching the bamboo forest under the moon like a hazy layer of smoke hanging over; than the day, it seems to be much more gentle;

Does not allow me to appreciate the scenery of this strange night, after the bamboo wall appeared in a strange red light, red light slowly spread, bright shining green bamboo, the bamboo into a purple flash, a species of deep purple; on the surface, but also revealed a number of gorgeous Silver;

Suddenly, in the dense bamboo forests after the fireball seem to have a semicircle; ah, that is the sun; the sun was red, but without any bright light; it slowly to climb, like the old man is on the side of a mountain while enjoying the general view among the mountains; the end, it is beyond the height of the bamboo; suddenly, resplendent; the sun is no longer glowing red, but a golden; bamboo mountain, river or even the old banyan, my body is golden shine , and then the sun with its body warm the earth; My feeling is warm, all things hes always warm;

I do not know when to start, market and bustling up; full of busy to go to work, go to school, to play it;

In this way, a new day began, but also the birth of new hope;

This article from junior high school essay , I would like to express composition

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