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Essay on winter vacation

Essay on winter vacation

In a flash, the advent of winter, just from the pressures of final exams in the “jump” out of body and mind was eased. Is easy to meet, free winter! Gorky once said: “A book holds a house of gold, a beautiful woman in the book.” Although the winter break, but we can not because the winter vacation and carried away to play. Not forget that learning should be work and rest. So I decided to use this winter and more reading of the classics, not only that I would like to consolidate knowledge before the semester prep books next semester, the results in the next semester, we should go further and to lay the foundation for the next semester . Not only is the case, I would like to complete in their spare time teacher assignments, and then look at the news and more concerned about the concern for national affairs. Of course, because these days everyone is busy with Chinese New Year, so, in the Spring time you can see the Spring Festival Gala. Round and round the family around a big table to eat dinner, how to think is a happy thing! Guowanchunjie, and also that of the undisciplined heart is to receive an income, and then the teacher checks homework check has been completed. Finally, the information needed for the next semester, and school supplies are ready to meet the task of the next semester. I do not think about winter is that you had, hows it ever so quickly

This article from junior high school essay , I would like to express composition

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