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If I were a butterfly

If I were a butterfly, I will treasure this opportunity when the butterfly, I want to be a beautiful and kind of butterfly.

When I was a caterpillar, I would not feel inferior because of ugly, but I will for me is the nature of a pride. I do not envy other insects than I am beautiful, because I believe I have a beautiful day. I am not afraid of the ridicule of other insects, I think their side while the lovely silk. If winter comes, I Tiantiandexiao the pupa inside.

Spring is here, snow and ice melt, the recovery of all things, and I crawl out from white pupae. “Spring is really beautiful, ah!” I can not help but say. I came to the lake, we would like to ask a good fish. In the water, I saw a beautiful butterfly, I looked up did not find the butterfly, and I looked down, the beautiful butterfly emerged. “Is this me?” Many insects have come around to see me. Huatai Jie said: “You Look na! It more beautiful ah!” Stick insects, said; “more beautiful your wings na.” I believe the lake This is really a reflection of me. I am very happy my changes. However, even if I was the most beautiful, I will not look down on those ugly appearance of insects, because everyones future is bright.

I hope my future

This article from junior high school essay , I would like to express composition

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