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If I were Superman

If I were Superman

I admire the film was Superman, and their handsome amazing, Superman to the world, constantly beat another planet from the evil, and I admire him.

If I was Superman, I do a lot of useful people for people.

Middle of the night, often there are many thieves to steal, if I were Superman, no chance the thief ran away.

With superhuman speed, 1 hour to 450 kilometers speed. This is equivalent to an aircrafts flight speed. As a thief can go where? Superman, wind speed, fast as lightning, not from any bad guys ran his palm Yeah.

If I was Superman, as long as there are bad bully people, then I can rate the role of wind most of the leg. I have a dodge in the past, grabbed the bad guy, he was immediately sent to the Public Security Bureau. Superhuman speed wind speed, lightning fast speed, you can save it.

If I were Superman, what to see when the accident, immediately rushed over and hugged the man and immediately run. This may better, less traffic will occur. Superman can be like gods, like Yes, he can predict the future. If I was Superman, to predict, there is no disaster will happen, if, immediately called the people to flee ahead of schedule.

Also, I also predicted to see the people around me who are sick, what causes, I would remind him and let him attention. I like Superman a few features. Superman would never get sick, but also in the sky. If I was Superman, I can not go to school afraid of illness, failed to learn the knowledge of the. Will not be upset because they can not fly out.

Superman speed wind, lightning-fast feature features will not get sick can fly, can grasp the function of bad guys, and I want to have, I adore Superman, Superman, like I imagine these functions.

This article from junior high school essay , I would like to express composition

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