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My self-portrait essay 400 words

My self-portrait essay 400 words

There was a girl, she has a short shiny black hair, big eyes, a little jug ears, there is a cherry mouth. The girls like to read, like to do by hand, but also very afraid of dogs.

Once, her three-story wooden home find books on the shelves. She smoked a book shelf, looked at the title, I thought I have read many times over, do not want to look at the. She also picked up a book looked, I thought this story I almost back out, I do not read this book. She is like a monkey-like agility to climb bookshelves, rummaging through the shelves looking for a camel to see the book. She sat on a shelf take a book to read aside on the table, have been successfully done dozens of times to get the book, put books in the action. Finally, she slowly climbed down, take a look at the shelves, empty, and then looked down at the table that read the book many times, accounting for one hundred percent.

The girls not only love reading, but also like to do hand-miles! I remember not long ago, she came back from the World Expo, looking at the pile of foam at home, suddenly felt put together some like the China Pavilion, immediately hands. She first put duck eggs in the middle of the foam box placed candles outside the protective frame and then put the foam off, interlaced display, the last in touch with a candle. Wow, flickering candlelight, really beautiful! A pile of foam to make the museum a mold shaped lights in China. Standing model lights, smiled at his handiwork, and she felt really great, not only for their own creativity and pride. As if the designer works in their appreciation of his last.

Interestingly, the girl is afraid of dogs. 9 years old, her grandmother went to the countryside, through the door from the neighbor, the neighbor did not hold the piece of dog suddenly jumped out. She was very frightened, hurried to the grandmother ran, running and shouting “help.” Grandma threw a pot, the pot broke, and only then the dog ran away.

Who is this girl? I was the girl, hey!

This article from junior high school essay , I would like to express composition

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