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Self-introduction essay 300 words

Self-introduction essay 300 words

Hello everybody! You do not know too much about me, Ill introduce you to it! My name is Fan Yue, although the name as the boy, but I was a girl. This year I was ten, and in Kindu everlasting school. I am an ordinary girl, white skin, black hair, round face was covered with bright eyes. Im tall, always sitting in the last row of the classroom.

I love learning, and also like sports. Just run the class members to learn, so learn not sloppy Oh! Home from school every day, first thing I do my homework. As long as the finished work, Im really excited, because I can see I love the comic. At school, after class, I ran out of room to play.

I like playing, but also love hands-on production. Such as the paper industry, models are my favorite. I like the art and craft class, on time every time, but also do something clever, always praised by the teacher. At home, her mother praised me is a smart child.

This is what I hope I can be your friend.

This article from junior high school essay , I would like to express composition

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