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Spring beauty (first-year junior high school essay)

“Willow shade of rain, sunny, fall for stray see street prostitution.”, Ages, beauty of spring are all admirable. Artist draws with his skillful hands the spring, music, wonderful singing voice to sing his home in spring, the dancers dance with her slender body out of the spring, the poets learning to write with his full of spring. Today, I would hope in this season, loud praise spring. In the spring, spring will come. It is so gentle, “Xi Xi —- —- —- weep weep”, playing in the hand, did not hurt. With its soft hand slowly stroking the leaves, tender grass, like the mother and children who like Brush off the dust. Playing in the water, jumping out of a bead sprites, wake up the sleeping frogs, breaking the winter silence. In the spring, spring will come. It is so cheerful, “call call —- —- —- call call” blowing in the face, is not pain, wherever he went, switchgrass dancing, stroking the ground, kiss the water, points out a Road ripple, carefully prepared dandelion seeds drifting along with the wind the sky, overlooking the earth, the body elected by the fall. In the spring … … Spring is really beautiful, beautiful and I do not know what adjective good, compared to bright pearl, spring is not more charm it? The spring, spring, farmers in the fields of hard work, early seedling children to see the sun and the first emerged, line by line, one column, neat greet the spring, spring for seedlings planted as children Kims nutrition, farmer smiled looking at the spring, think back, Xiaoyin children grow taller, grow to harvest, warehouses full of wheat. Spring, the gold of the season.

This article from junior high school essay , I would like to express composition

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